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My order has not arrived yet, is this normal?

Since we do not control postal delivery times, the delivery of your order takes 2-5 weeks. If your package has not arrived within 6 weeks, which is exceptional, contact us via our contact page or by email and we will find a solution to satisfy you.


Why is the delivery so long?

To be able to have very competitive prices our logistics is carried out abroad from which delays can be long and as indicated in our General Conditions of Sale, as well as during the order, our average delivery times are between 2 and 5 weeks. Just be patient, your order will arrive soon.


I did not receive all the items ordered, where did the rest of my order go?

Always in order to provide you with very good prices, we deal directly with several partners, manufacturers and craftsmen all over the world and all have different delivery times and do not necessarily manufacture the products you have ordered. You are therefore likely to receive several packages. You will receive your order on different dates and in separate parcels (which allows you to continue the joy of discovering a new package in his mailbox over several days).


My item is damaged, can I have a refund?

If your item arrives damaged, send us a photo of the damaged item and according to your choice, you will be refunded or a new order will be made.


Are free articles really free?

Yes ! You pay only handling, shipping, and insurance fees.


Why are you offering 100% free items?

This is the best way to publicize our shop.
Rather than advertising, we prefer to invest in your trust and let you judge the quality of our articles. We are certain that once you have been satisfied with our services, you will not only come back to see us, but also talk about it around you.
If it's not done yet, try the experience and order one or more free items here (up to 3 per order)! We are sure that you will be satisfied by the quality of our articles and that you will join the community of our loyal customers.


How much are the handling and shipping costs?

The fees depend on the products ordered, the total weight and where you live. They will be specified before the validation of your basket.


Is your site safe? Can I order safely?

This site is 100% secure. And to be honest, we could even say that it is 300%. Here's why: First, the site you visit is on an HTTPS server (the little green padlock on the left side of the URL of this page is there to remind you). Most sites only secure their "shopping cart" and everything related to order settlement. On this site, ALL PAGES are secure and can not be hacked or can not be the target of malware.
Regarding the payment, we use PayPal and Stripe which are the references in terms of security of transactions on the Internet. In summary, browse and order on Univers Trend is 100% safe and secure. So you can stroll here and there in our shop in peace!

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