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Serrated pizza cutter likes to use a roller cutter like this one. The Clean cut pizza cutter makes a clean cut in any crust. A rocking pizza cutter has a stainless steel blade. The pizza cutter also accommodates even thick-crust pizza.

The pampered chef pizza cutter is crafted from high-quality, premium stainless steel. The pizza cutter wheel stays sharp and never rusts and will slice safely, quickly, and easily. Star Trek pizza cutter is a Handle hole for hang up on the wall, save store place.

The 4 in 1 Pizza Cutter Wheel is a built-in finger guard and an ergonomic handle design. The bicycle pizza cutter is protected your hands from the heat. This oxo pizza cutter can also help you remove pizza from the oven. 

  • High-quality materials with a stainless steel blade
  • Multifunctional.
  • Prevents pizza from falling off the serving spatula with its reliable grip.
  • Slice and serve pizzas using one hand mechanism.
  • Perfect for pizza nights.
  • Easy to clean.

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