Car Aromatherapy Turntable Air Freshener

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Car Perfume Air is the soft non-slip clips that will not hurt your car. With the stable vent clip, you can clip this wind-driven fragrance to any windy place such as an air conditioner or fan in your car, home, or office. Perfume Outlet Diffuser has 3 Colors and aroma Fragrance Tablets that are carefully prepared aromatherapy essential oils, naturally extracted, safe and non-toxic, allowing you to enjoy the fragrance more healthily.

The main body shell of the Portable Car Freshener is made of aluminum alloy, which has both practicality and texture, adding quality and texture to the interior space. The Windspeed Aromatherapy Diffuser is made of anti-corrosion PP material, enables the tablet's place area not eroded by the fragrance sheet, and prolongs the service life. Turntable Air Freshener is easy to change while highlighting the taste, let you like back to the CD era, aftertaste the original green and happiness.

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Car Aromatherapy Diffuser brings fragrance, helps you keep away from unpleasant smell when driving, gives you a comfortable and pleasant indoor environment, good for the health of you and your family. Vent Clip Outlet Turntable Diffuser features the turbo-type hollow duct design, the Car Fragrance Diffuser run at the speed of the wind, lively and interesting. The Fragrance Oil is safe and harmless, Car ventilation diffuser gives you a comfortable and pleasant indoor environment is also good for the health of you and your family.
  • Contemporary decoration: Every part of the turntable car fragrance fresheners are carefully designed and processed with high-quality material, not only add a neat aroma to your car.
  • An Air Freshener For Your Car Or Anywhere You Like: This is a wind-driven scent diffuser device with a solid vent clip, so you can clip it to anywhere, like an air conditioner or fan in your car, home, or office place.


  • Based on the shape of the vinyl record player
  • Restore every detail of the record player
  • Use perfect craft to Commemorate the golden ages
  • Create a vibe with this car aromatherapy machine that combines emotion, fashion, and practicality


  • Model: TITA DSHJ-B-1902 Turntable Car Fragrance
  • Style: Phonograph Design 
  • Color: Wood
  • Material:Metal + Wood + Aluminum
  • Fragrance Smell: Ocean Smell
  • QTY of Tablet:3 pcs
  • Size:56 x 40 x 53mm / 2.20" x 1.57" x 2.09"

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