Fluffy Steering Wheel Cover

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The Fluffy Steering Wheel Cover helps to reduce fatigue on the way, for you create a comfortable driving environment, reflect the unique driving sensation. Let your car with valuable products and can suck exhaust stains, super Soft Plush Wool Wheel Cover is a more comfortable feel, soft texture steady nerves to calm effect. Its Hand Brake Cover Wheel Cover is Applicable to high-end cars, with high ornamental value, for you to create a comfortable driving environment, reflect the unique sense of driving. This pink furry wheel cover is very amazing.

The Steering Wheel Cover is the best gift for your family, friends, and colleagues. Great Decoration for your beloved car, make a new look. This Furry Fluffy Wheel Cover is perfect for keeping your hands warm in winter. the white fluffy wheel cover is soft and comfortable. This Handbrake Car Accessory is a Soft, fluffy, damp-proof plush cover that warms your hands in cold weather and won't affect your sight when drive.

Fluffy Steering Wheel Cover
  • Material: faux wool.
  • Suitable for (steering wheels):14.96" x 14.96".
  • Package included: 1*Woolen Steeling Wheel Cover, 1*Shift Cover, 1*Handbrake Cover.
  • It is great for keeping your hands warm in the winter. Soft and comfortable.
  • Soft, fluffy, damp-proof wool warm your hands in cold weather but breathable and won't affect your sight when drive.
  • Super fashionable, you can show it off to your friends and family.


1. Do not use water washing.

2. Placed in ventilated, dry place.

3. If you use mothballs and other insect repellent, be careful not to let direct contact.

4. Do not expose the product to high temperatures (such as water, blankets, etc.) as well as exposure to the sun.

5. Minor contamination with a clean towel dipped in volatile PCE gently loosen and timely dry.

6. Usually with a hair dryer and comb gently comb hair surface, keeping it soft, natural conditions.

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