Moving Fish Cat Toy

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This Flopping fish toy for cat Makes play more fun than ever with Leven’s dancing fish cat toy. Your fish toy with catnip pouch flaps to life once playtime begins, beckoning your furry pal’s bat, bite, chew, and chase!

This catfishing toy Pets are awfully adorable and messy. Flopping fish toy for cats your floppy fish cat toy can endure aggressive wrestle and is fully washable to its durable fabric and detachable motor inside!

The best floppy fish cat toy Barely lifts a paw to get the fun with your cat toys.  Simply plug the power box of your floppy fish cat toy into its USB charger, wait for the red light to go out, then let the play commence.  

The best flopping fish cat toy Show your feline friend the cute fish with a cat chew toy.  Chewy cat toys With its catnip and lifelike movements, your low-noise dancing fish is sure to be a new favorite toy for your pet and you or children!

Moving Fish Cat Toy Size:  30 cm

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