Silicone Flex Toilet Brush

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Super soft Toilet Brush head can help you brush every corner conveniently, don't worry about it will be unscrewing easily. Concealed ventilation, the water vapor can evaporate from the upper and lower ends, good to keep the base clean. Not just for the bathroom. Sink, washbasins, and bathtubs, toilet brush made of suitable for all-ceramic plastic glass surfaces. Choose it to give you a clean and tidy home. Flat soft brush head design can reach any corner. Especially for the cleaning of toilet lid edge, small niche between toilet and wall, inside the groove of the toilet.

The Silicone Flex Toilet Bowl cleaner brush using premium-quality, easy to clean premium material that's also incredibly durable and flexible. The toilet brush never wears out and changes its shape, maintaining perfect cleaning. Soft brush fibers require gentle, the lighter the contact, the cleaning results. The unique design of the center of gravity prevents the toilet brush base from tipping over, keeps the toilet brush and bathroom clean and tidy. The compact size makes it ideal for use in narrow spaces beside toilets or sinks.

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