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Insoles Silicone Gel with unique features to get rid of pain caused by diabetes, arthritis, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and more. These silicone gel relieve all leg, knee, back, and foot pains. Foot Correction Pads are antimicrobial and helps control odors and prevent blisters and cuts. The arch support silicone gel evens out the pressure from the ball of the foot to relieve front foot pain.

The absorption Orthopedic Pads is Support Insoles give you custom comfort while helping to relieve pressure. Provides much-needed rest for your tired achy feet, discover heel Comfort Instantly. Non-slip massages silica is Gives you custom comfort from Your heel to toes. Reduce heel shock by cushioning your every step.

Technology that provides shock absorption and cushioning, with a gel integrated into the Fasciitis Insoles Shoe is effective in absorbing small impacts and helps to reduce excessive pressure from walking or doing daily activities. Foot Massage Soft Gel provides support to the bridge and heel and soft gel provides cushioning. Eliminate odor, absorb sweat; fabric lining with anti-odor technology. Orthotic Foot Cushion  keeps feet cool and dry throughout the day


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Provides advanced arch support
  • Fits most shoes, and can be cut to fit any shoe
  • For both men and women


    Large & Small


    Package includes:

    • 2 Silicone Gel Insoles


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